We are honored to introduce you the judges of European Aquascaping Championship 2020

Herry Rasio

He is designing aquascapes since 2013. He loves nature and going to see nature on his motorcross bike. He tries to represent the nature in an aquarium tank.



  • 1st Aquajaya Challenge
  • 49th IAPLC
  • 1st AGA


  • 60th IAPLC
  • 3rd AGA
  • 5th IIAC
  • 1st NSHC Hardscape challeng


  • Top 10 Aquajaya challenge
  • 3rd NSHC Hardscape challenge
  • 5th IIAC
  • 33th IAPLC
  • 1st AGA


  • 5th IIAC
  • 1st AGA
  • 1st RFLAC
  • 2nd NSHC Hardscape challenge
  • 2nd CFAA Shanghai China


  • 3rb CFAA China
  • 1st NSHC Hardscape challenge
  • 2nd Aquajaya Challenge
  • 1st AGA
  • 6th RFLAC


  • 1st CFAA China
  • 6th IIAC


  • IndoScapers Race 2016
  • IndoScapers Race 2017
  • Korea Aquascaping Contest 2018
  • 2nd Dymax Philippine National Aquascaping Competition 2018
  • IndoScapers Race 2018
  • Korea Aquascaping Contest 2019
  • RFLAC Turkey 2019
  • European Hardscape Contest 2019
  • HARDSCAPE BATTLE Russia 2019
  • CPAQ (Brazil) 2019
Takayuki Fukada

I have been aquascaping from more than 10 years ago as a member of TAU in Tokyo Japan.​ Currently I‘m a judge for aquascaping contests held all over the world and conduct workshops at exhibitions. Aquascape is a representation of the natural ecosystem in the tank.​ The world of plants and fish is very beautiful and impresses those who see it.

My hope is that many people around the world know the beauty of aquascape and actually enjoy it.

So I believe that this hope can be realized by continuing to work with passion for this wonderful hobby.

My past IAPLC award history:

  • IAPLC2009​ #144
  • IAPLC2010​ #107
  • IAPLC2011​ #13
  • IAPLC2012​ #32
  • IAPLC2013​ #2​ Gold Prize
  • IAPLC2014​ #5​ Bronze Prize
  • IAPLC2015​ #1​ Grand Prize
  • IAPLC2016​ #1​ Grand Prize
  • IAPLC2018​ #3​ Silver Prize
  • IAPLC2019​ #2​ Gold Prize
Esther Mous

Esther Mous was born in Amsterdam in 1970. In 1965 her father Dick Mous founded the company Aquaflora, a grower and exporter of high quality aquatic plants in the Netherlands. After studying French and Communication Esther joined Aquaflora and since 1996 she has been the CEO and owner. Today Aquaflora sells aquarium and pond plants to retailers and distributors all over the world. Esther is passionate about her work, people, traveling, nature, art and language. She is also a big promotor of the nature aquarium and aquascaping hobby worldwide and travels the world to organize non profit aquascaping events, contests and connect people. The focus of the events is on friendship, togetherness, education, fun and inspiration.

Esther is the founder of the Aquaflora A-Team and Aquagirls Rock!. The Aquaflora A-Team is the promotion team of Aquaflora. Aquagirls Rock! is a movement that promotes aquascaping amongst girls & women and puts both aquagirls and their aquascapes in the spotlight to inspire more women to take part in the aquarium hobby.

Judging experience aquascaping contests since 2015:

  • AGA
  • AGA Live
  • IIAC
  • CIAC
  • CBAP
  • ANAC

In 2015 Esther introduced the quote ‘Aquascaping Makes My World Go Round’ which reflects so well what the aquascaping hobby is anno 2020. A beautiful hobby with a growing community of many amazing and talented people that are​ connected by a shared passion and friendship worldwide.

Sascha Hoyer

Sascha Hoyer, 36 years of age from Frankfurt, Germany AKA "The Aqua Artist®"

From an early age Sascha, had had all kinds of pets while growing up including cats, dogs, bugs you name it he probably had it! With terrariums he tried to replicate the animal’s natural habitat, but his passion had always been aquariums and the way he could transform them into what he saw in nature and his surroundings.

In 2013, while working for store in the pet department, he rediscovered his passion for aquascaping and drew inspiration from by Oliver Knott and the late Mr. Amano´s work that made the passion grow even more.

Constantly experimenting and persevering with his art, in 2014, he scaped his first competition aquarium which he entered into the IAPLC with a modest ranking from then on it there was no stopping him!

Sasha has entered many the contests over the years, also participated as a jury member. Here just a some to name a few:


  • IAPLC - Best Placement 253 (2015)
  • GAPLC - Best Placement 104 (2014)
  • EAPLC - Best Placement 9 (2015)
  • Hannover Scape 2016 - 1st place (2016)
  • The Art of the Planted Aquarium - Placed 8 (2017)
  • ENAC - Best of Show 2017
  • IIAC - Best Placement 117 (2017)
  • CFFA - Best Placement 86 (2017)
  • CIAC - 2018 rank 6 live scaping contest
  • Vivarium 2019 - European champion VIP contest

Jury Member

  • Aquaflora Aquascaping contest
  • Web Aquascaping Contest
  • Romania Aquascaping contest
  • Aquascaping Championship
  • And the list goes on...

As far as collaborations he has been privileged to work with following companies

  • Aquasabi
  • Aquaflora
  • Atledtis
  • ONF
  • ADA Germany
  • Oliver Knott
  • CO2Art
  • AquaGrow
  • Jbl
  • Minicompletetank

2017 saw him launch himself as a Pro Aquascaper "The Aqua Artist®", performing demonstrations, trade fairs, tanks for private customers and companies, products reviews, etc.

Until 2018 he had also his “Aquascaping Home Studio” a private Aquascaping Gallery which was running 9 aquascapes, 3 paludarium’s and various wabikusa's with recognition  from high end companies. 2018 onwards he cooperated in the build of an aquascaping shop/gallery. Advising on its setup, layout and which still features all of his aquascapes

He currently has a very large and growing following on instagram, Facebook and now also youtube with fans eagerly awaiting his creations!

Filipe Oliveira

Name: Filipe Oliveira

Age: 44 years old

Location – city and country: Porto, Portugal

Occupation: Professional Aquascaper, Photographer, PR Manager and Designer at Aquaflora B.V

Aquarist since: 1999

Experience as judge: CBAP Brazil, EAPLC, CIAC - CIPS China, RAC - Romanian Aquascaping Contest, Web Aquascaping Contest, HAC - Hungarian Aquascaping Contest and a few more...

Archievments as aquascaper:

Winning Prizes:

  • 2006 - 1st place on AGA Contest in Large Category
  • 2006 - Best of the show AGA Contest in Large Category
  • 2006 - 2nd place on AGA Contest in Small Category
  • 2007 - 1st place on AGA Contest in small Category
  • 2009 - 1st place on AGA Contest in small Category
  • 2010 – 3rd place on AGA Contest in Small Category

Honour prizes:

  • 2007 - 10th place on IAPLC - ADA Contest

Workshops and seminars all over the world: Netherlands, Russia, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, Mexico, Indonesia, Australia, Hungary, Costa Rica and China.

Worked with Takashi Amano at Florestas Submersas, the world's largest nature aquarium in Lisbon Oceanarium.

Hobbies or preferences: Landscape photography and sports in general.

Aquascaping is a way of living! It can change your thoughts, the way how you look to nature in general and the most important, it works as a therapy!

Despite all competition, what really matters is that you enjoy it, you are pleased with your work and you have fun. Hopefully, Aquascaping will bring the best on you, the respect for nature and the care for a green world.

Michał Adamek

Michał Adamek (age 27) is one of the most recognizable aquascapers in Poland.

Being the Co-owner of Aqua Show - Salon Akwarystyki which showcases the famous “The Open Scape” created using Dragon stone. He’s is also Ambassador of Aquaforest company and a proud Aquaflora A-Team member.

He has always been very enthusiastic on the Aquascaping scene, since early 2015. promoting aquascaping on social media and various platforms and now representing his home country Poland in international competitions!

In 2018 he was the first Polish to qualify and participate in CLIAC 2018, competing with the best aquascapers from all around the world in a live event

The breakthrough for him was this year (2019), winning at the Magdeburg “TAoPA” and the  “Aquaflora Nano Aquascaping Contest” during Vivarium Event plus also taking second place in EAPLC.

Michał's entry, entitled "The Realm of Dragon Rocks" took a healthy 14th place in the CIAC 2019 contest, which gave him the right of passage to participate once again at CIPS 2019 Shanghai, China for the second time in a row, and took a very proud 4th place from top contestants all around the world!

Michał loves to share his knowledge and experiences with all, especially newcomers to the hobby as his passion shines through when talking with individuals or large groups.

He humbly claims, that in competitions it is never about awards! The whole point of his aquascaping journey is the amazing people he meets and the privilege to create underwater worlds for all to enjoy.

Balbi Vaquero

I dedicate myself to be fishkeeper since I can remember, at 16 years old, I started working in a pet shop with a large section to aquariums, after 2 years there I started to Work in a specialist fish shop, until then was not too passionate about these animals but thereafter began my journey surrounded by fish is impossible to be all day surrounded by these animals and not end up loving this hobby.

In 2008 I discovered the fantastic world of aquascaping and since then my desire to learn how to care plants hasn't stopped growing, the best part is that you every day you learn new things,  you never know everything, it is the greatest of aquascaping with each set up you learn more and more.

I'm a lover of social networks and in my opiniom these play an important role in the aquascaping popurality breaking all boundaries and approaching people around the world, is amazing to meet people around the world who share the same passion, even without speaking the same language we understand each other

Judge experience:

  • IIAC
  • CIAC
  • CBAP
  • Indo Scapers Race
  • AGA Contest
  • ANAC
  • AGA Live

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