Aqua Show is a place for passionates. The main goal was to create not only an aquarium shop, but also showroom of our greatest aquascaping works. 

We specialize in complex implementation of aquariums on order for companies and private individuals.  We always treat aquariums projects individually and try to create them at the highest level. With attention to every detail.

We have the largest selection of hardscape materials in Poland. We offer tons of finest stones and driftwoods, which we have carefully selected.

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For over 35 years now, AQUAEL has been manufacturing everything required for setting up and maintaining a freshwater aquarium or a garden pond. More and more products are also aimed at the keepers of marine aquariums. AQUAEL products are marketed in more than 100 countries on six continents.

Major product groups include aquarium filters, heaters, lids with inbuilt lighting, fully equipped aquarium sets, and aerators. A special emphasis is placed on the implementation of innovations and unique technological solutions. The latest achievement of AQUAEL is ULTRAMAX, probably the best aquarium filter in the world.

AQUAEL makes a significant contribution to the promotion and development of fishkeeping in Poland. The company organizes and sponsors a number of events aimed at aquarium hobbyists. In cooperation with a number of organizations and associations of aquarium keepers, we provide support to numerous exhibitions, competitions, meetings, gatherings, etc.

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